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Leave for the sun

Posted May 17, 2018, 3:35 a.m. By barbey

Finally time for a holiday
On Wednesday me and my husband are flying to Greece. We´re gonna be gone for two and a half weeks and  I can not explain how happy I am about this holiday! I´ve been working so much lately and so it will be so nice to get away from reality for a little while. I usually hade being in charge of booking tripps cuz it feels like everyone would just blame me if anything would go wrong and that would just stress me out completely and its just not worth it for me so I´m alway relying om my husband or a friend of mine to do that, because i would never complain if they did it and they would probably not complain on me if dieting went wrong with my booking wither but still; it stresses me out. 

How ever, this time I did all the booking since the trip was a surprise for my husband. And it was so easy?! I just went through a hotel booking engine, and clicked my way though and like five minutes later it was all done. 
Now I'm just hoping that everything is okey and then the hotel is what it says it is. But i read the reviews and everyone was pleased both their stay at this hotel and there was only good things about the rooms and the staff. 

I really hope that we get to relax, cuz we both really really need it. I guess its that time of the year, when your in the middle of winter and are just tired of life in general. Its just grey outside, super cold och there is no sun out. Feels like everyone is leaving for some sun and i thing thats a really smart thing to do!